Tipian is one of many slaves found in the Cloakwood Mines during Baldur's Gate. He's one of the seemingly weaker slaves, as a dialogue option for Gorion's Ward includes beckoning him towards the surface. Otherwise, the player may ask about the mine, in which case Tipian will serve as yet another informer regarding Davaeorn - an apparent mage.


"What's going on? You're not our captors..."

  • 1: No, we're not. Make your way to the surface and flee while there's still time. We'll take care of the remaining guards down here.
"I thank you, stranger, with every ounce of strength that is left in me. I haven't seen the light of day for well nigh a year."
  • 2: No, we're not. What is this place and who is keeping you here in these foul conditions?
"Davaeorn the mage. He has enslaved us here and forced us to live like rats in these filthy dens and warrens. And for what? To mine iron as if it were the last thing left in the bowels of the realms. I would tear his very head from his shoulders had I the power."