The to-do list describes what needs to be done on this wiki.


Making all the companion's pages complete with information.

  • All articles need information on their stats when they are recruited on a certain lvl.
  • Need more quotes


This is a great at the moment, but Spells needs:

  • Pages about all 111 spells.
  • The main article has a complete list of spells, but needs a serious check on mistakes.
  • Pages about the eight schools of magic.
  • Two articles about the Wizard and the Priest Spellbook.


The main article explaining the class system, Classes, is far advanced, but it can use more information.

  • The remaining five articles about the single-classes need to be made.
  • The many remaining combinations of multi-class pages need more pages.
  • There are no articles of dual-class combinations yet and there are no standards.

Baldur's Gate (city)Edit

  • Needs more articles about anything in the city, taverns, stores, buildings, npc's, subquests.


We need to build up a database about creatures, monsters, undead or any other hostile creatures, commonly or seldom encountered by the party.

Game MechanicsEdit

  • There are no articles describing how the game works, certain rules and many more topics.

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