Tolgerias is a Cowled Wizard from Athkatla who appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and the Enchanced Edition.

Baldur's Gate IIEdit

In Shadows of Amn, Tolgerias will be in the Council of Six Building in the Athkatla Government looking for mercenaries eager to do some bounty hunting for him.

When first met Tolgerias will try to hire Gorion's Ward on a mysterious mission. He will refuse to disclose any details before Gorion's Ward accepts to fulfill a contract for a predefined sum of gold. The quest will only begin if Gorion's Ward accepts the Cowled Wizard's terms.

Should Gorion's Ward accept the contract, Tolgerias will ask the party to find, kill Valygar Corthala and bring his body to him. The wizard will never reveal why he wants Valygar dead, but the ranger will reveal that Tolgerias believes it is the only way to gain entry to Lavok's Sphere.

If the party decides to spare Valygar's life and enters Lavok's Sphere at any point after that, Tolgerias will appear and confront the party within the Sphere itself.

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