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Tranzig NPC BG
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 6
Alignment Lawful Evil
Hit points 32
XP value 975
Number of attacks 1
Armor class
Base 10
Saving throws
Death 13
Wands 9
Poly 11
Breath 13
Spells 4
Strength 13
Dexterity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 11
Charisma 9
Luck 0
Morale 8
Breaking point 7
Recovery time 60
Area(s) Beregost
Place(s) Feldepost's Inn, second floor
Quarter staff iconRing of protection plus one iconIcon Wand of Magic MissileGold icon
Items Letter from Tazok, Glitterdust scroll
Gold 91

Tranzig is a Lawful Evil human messenger in the employment of Tazok. His current task is to send messages to Tazok's henchman, Mulahey, and inform Tazok of Mulahey's operations. Tranzig is a mage who recently petrified a cleric named Branwen during a caravan raid. In Chapter Three of the story, he can be found at the room near the staircase on the second floor of Feldepost's Inn. You can fight him to get knowledge about Tazok's location or walk away. If you decide to fight him, he will ask for mercy after only a few hits. You can kill him and get the info from a letter on his corpse, or he will tell you everything and still can be killed afterwards with no Reputation loss.

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