In classic Baldur's Gate this quest was referred to as 'A Matter of Life and Death. In Baldur's Gate West the party will be approached by a kid called Varci who begs the party to help him, but he won't tell what needs to be done and he can't negotiate about the reward, until the protagonist accepts to follow him to a house. When inside the house, a priest of Tymora and also the father asks the player to retrieve the body of a kid who has been killed when trespassing at the Waterqueen Temple, because this priest may be able to resurrect the kid. He prefers that the body is retrieved by a stealth approach and will promise a magical item and gold as a reward.

The body can be obtained in four different ways.

  • Diplomatic approach #1: You can buy the body from the leader of the temple for 2000 gp
  • Diplomatic approach #2: If you brought back the bowl to Tenya during the Fishermen quest you can ask the priestess at the entrance to talk to her and ask for the body (dialogue option 1 for the peaceful outcome)
  • Stealth approach: You can sneak in and obtain the body (pickpocket after raising strength if needed)
  • Aggressive approach: You can waltz in and kill everyone in your way and then retrieve the body

When the body is retrieved, the party will return to the house. The party watches how the resurrecting ritual is performed and the kid is resurrected successfully and the party receive the reward.

Journal Edit

Remain's Son

I have promised Tremain Belde'ar that I will rescue the body of his son from the Temple of Umberlee near the docks. I can find Tremain in a house just north of the Hall of Wonders.''

Success Edit

Tremain was delighted that we recovered Casson from the Temple of Umberlee in time to revive his life, but then he let the boy have it for his mischief.

Failure Edit

I was too late to rescue Tremain's son, unfortunately.