When the priest casts True Seeing, all Illusion/Phantasm spells in the area of effect are dispelled.

In-game description Edit

True Seeing
When this spell is cast, an area roughly 70 ft. in radius around the caster will be affected. Instantly and once each round for 1 turn after this spell is cast, all hostile Illusion/Phantasm spells in the area of effect will be dispelled. The spells that are affected by this are Reflected Image, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Non-Detection, Improved Invisibility, Shadow Door, Mislead, Project Image, and Simulacrum. The area of effect is roughly a 70-ft. radius around the caster. The target's Magic Resistance, if any, does not come into effect with this spell. This spell only affects enemies; thus, it is unable to dispel the invisibility from a party member.

Links to affected spellsEdit

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