Tymora, also known as Lady Luck, is a chaotic good intermediate deity of good fortune, skill and victory.

She is the daughter of Tyche, Beshaba's sister and the patron of adventurers in general. It is said that when a child is born, Tymora flips a coin and her sister gets to bet on which side it will land on. If Beshaba is right, the child is cursed with misfortune for the rest of it's life. If she is wrong however, the child will be blessed with good fortune for eternity. In some very rare cases the coin may land on the edge, which means the child gains full control over their own destiny.

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  • Coran (he doesn't mention Tymora, but some of his voice lines do reference Lady Luck)
    • "Luck be a lady."
    • "Luck is always on the side of the romantic."
  • Imoen
  • Agnasia
  • Tremain Belde'ar


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