AR3900BG1worldmap Ulcaster is one of the areas from the World Map.
...the best of schools...
...a storehouse of arcane knowledge...
...lost, all lost... a common dungeon now...

— Ulcaster

Ulcaster is where a school of magic once stood, run by Ulcaster, who is now a ghost. There are a couple of ambushes in the zig-zag, single file switchback paths in the south, and unless pathing nodes are set to a high count, party members will walk away from the main party, sometimes three at a time. The Ulcaster map is a little tricky in that the Area Map is not the same picture as the actual map the party walks on, and the path up to the top of the cliff at coordinates 3150, 1970, is not visible on the former.


  • Not essential to completing the game.

Side questsEdit


The Vampire's Revenge +1 longsword sounds great, but it is effectively cursed in every way except it can be removed.

It doesn't do ANY damage to your enemy. All it does on hit is do 7 slashing damage to you, heal the thing 'hit' 7 HP, and berserk you so you'll continue attacking with it (in BG:EE, The Vampire's Revenge is confirmed to not berserk the wielder, and only does 6 damage to the wielder while healing the target for 7 hp. An unorthodox play-style can effectively use the sword so long as the wielder has at least 20 Constitution- thus has natural regeneration- and realizes the sword can be used to transfer HP's to wounded party members).

A heavy collector's item, at best. Bring both the Idol of Kozah and the Ancient Armor. If the Idol was obtained without killing the Doomsayer at the Archaeological Site, this will not work.