Ulcaster Dungeon is an area with some decent loot, mostly things that can be purchased; it is loot that could never be found on the type of enemies faced. A thief with a good find/disarm trap is recommended, and fire resistent items/spells as well. Because some enemies in this dungeon are immune to normal weapons, enchanted weapons/ammunition are necessary. It is not really a maze as such; there is one diversion off to the mustard jellies to the East / right, and then an anti-clockwise route to the good loot at the end. Melee enemies that have every advantage in this setting, and are very hard for low levels. There are three fireball traps, any one of which could completely wipe out a low level party.

Note: You may encounter Mal-Kalen inside the dungeon's northeast side, just north of the ochre jelly area. Note that he will talk to you the moment you see him and will not give you a choice to find him a body. (This event may be only available when playing with the EE / Unfinished Business.) Once completed, your journal will update but this encounter will not be listed as a proper quest.

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  • Fireball traps:
    • From 500, 1400 to 615, 1470.
    • From 1175, 1410 to 1110, 1460.
    • From 1320, 1115 to 1415, 1165,





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