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45px Ulgoth'sBeard is one of the areas from the World Map.
Ulgoth's Beard is an area added by the expansion pack Tales of the Sword Coast and many quests added by the expansion can be started here.


The mage Shandalar will teleport you to Ice Island to retrieve a cloak.

Mendas, who can be found in his house located near the docks, is in need of group adventurers willing to travel to the Isle of Balduran to retrieve Balduran's Log Book.

Near the inn, you can find Ike, who is willing to give you a tour of Durlag's Tower.

In the inn itself, you can find Hurgan Stoneblade, a dwarf who wants you to retrieve a dagger from Durlag's Tower. The innkeeper is selling weapons and armor, mundane and magical.

In one of the houses, you can find Therella, a mother whose son Dalton went to explore Durlag's Tower, but didn't return. She wants you to find her son and bring him home alive, or else his corpse.

Other PeopleEdit

Delsvirftanyon, slightly south of center on the area map, announces that he is having a "going out of business" sale of his Durlag's Tower adventuring supplies business, and offers to sell you his remaining stock for 500gp. Sounds like a scam, but it's (mostly) not. You get a Dwarven Rune Wardstone, a Cloak of Protection +1 and Leather Armor +1, as well as a wardstone forgery, some arrows, etc.

Fenrus Boulon, a nobleman by the docks in the southwest, will give you a lecture on the history of Durlag's Tower. This shows up in your journal as the "quest" Durlag's Tower.

Galken, a thief located in the inn, wants you to clear up his 900gp tab at the inn in return for a ward token that gives entry to the dungeons beneath Durlag's Tower.

Calahan, is fisherman in Ulgoth's Beard that will approach you after you talk to Mendas. For 20 gp he will tell you that Mendas is missing the truth.

Baresh will confront Gorion's Ward and party upon their return from the Isle of Balduran.


There are also two locked homes on either side of the entrance to town.

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