Use Any Item is a high-level class ability available to thieves and bards.

Required for: Scribe Scrolls.

This icon indicates content from all Enhanced Editions of the Baldur's Gate games.
: Patches after EE v1.2.2030 prevent the uses of companion specific items such as Jansen AdventureWear or Chaos Blade


Rogues take pride in their ability to adapt and make clever use of whatever is at hand. This ability is an extension of that basic skill. Once learned, the effect is permanent. The ability allows the rogue to use any item, even items that are typically restricted to one class. This allows the rogue to use everything from wands and scrolls to mighty weapons that none but a warrior could otherwise use.

Gameplay Edit

  • As its name implies, it allows rogues to use any item, wield weapons, wear armor, with exceptions of few (plus the EE restriction), regardless of restrictions on class, alignment, race or Ability Scores, which includes the uses of any wizard or priest spell scrolls no matter the school of the previous specialist mage dual, though spells can never be learnt from the opposite school scrolls. Wearing body armor still prevent casting from wizard spellbook but not from the quick slot scrolls, which casting time are greatly decreased by Haste effect
  • UAI is an passive effect HLA that only needs to be selected once, it's active even during the thief class's inactive time should the player decide to dual at this stage
  • UAI let Wizard Slayer, Kensai dual-classers overcome the item restrictions