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  • I live in Suburb near Chicago, Illinois USA
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is College Sophmore
  • I am Female
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    Aasim Aawill Abela the Nymph Abishai Achon Acolyte Byron Acolyte Lara Acolyte Vilon Acton Balthis Addy Adherent Adratha Adsaan Adventurer Aerial Servant Air Aspect Air Elemental Air Mephit Ajantis Akae Alai Alan Blackblade Alar Alatelo De Bonito Alatos "Ravenscar" Thuibuld Alchra Diagott Alenina Alexander Alfons the Tax Collector Algor Alhelor Alhoon Alianna Alibakkar Guard Alnarow Alphonse Altar Altheia Alu-Fiend Alustriel Alyra Am-Si Ama Amac Amalas Ameralis Zauviir Amnish Bodyguard Amnish Centurion Amnish Legionary Amuana Anarg Anath Ancan Andante Andar the Pirate Andorian Andrew of the Dice Angel the cat Angelo Anguiliian Annalynn Announcer Anomen Antenos Anti-Paladin Aphril Apparition Apprentice Apprentice Torturer Douglas Aranthis Ar…

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  • Echoes of Fate

    Articles Needed

    April 6, 2016 by Echoes of Fate

    Note that this is for BG and BGII only because I don't have the Enhanced Edition. This is mostly for me to keep track of what articles need to be added still, but if anyone else wants to use it, feel free. Post a comment if you see anything I missed or have a suggestion. I will remove links as they become articles. More will be added soon!

    Abazigal's Wardstone

    Abela the Nymph

    Activation Stone

    Adjatha The Drinker

    Aerie's Baby

    Aerie's Body

    Air Library Note

    Air Scepter


    Am-si's Key

    Amuana's Bones

    Amulet of Seldarine

    Andris' Journal

    Anomen's Body

    Arbane's Sword


    Axe of Hrothgar

    Azlaer's Harp

    Bala's Axe

    Barl's Antidote

    Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters

    Beastmaster Key

    Beating Heart

    Beholder Eye



    Belladonna flowers

    Big Metal Rod



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  • Echoes of Fate


    March 26, 2016 by Echoes of Fate

    Help Korgan recover the Book of Kaza.

    I have joined with Korgan Bloodaxe to gain the Book of Kaza for a collector by the name of Pimlico. It is apparently in a tomb beneath the Grave District.  One of the crypts apparently leads to a lower, older section rumored to contain undead...but also the tome.

    It appears that the Book of Kaza was taken from the tomb by former companions of Korgan's.  We must go to Pimlico's house in the Temple District to see if we can head them off and recover the book.

    It appears that Korgan's former friends weren't satisfied with whatever reward Pimlico was offering. They killed the collector and, according to Korgan, will likely be drinking their gains on the roof of the Copper Coronet.  Korgan wishes to go pay his…

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