Note that this is for BG and BGII only because I don't have the Enhanced Edition. This is mostly for me to keep track of what articles need to be added still, but if anyone else wants to use it, feel free. Post a comment if you see anything I missed or have a suggestion. I will remove links as they become articles. More will be added soon!


Abazigal's Wardstone

Abela the Nymph

Activation Stone

Adjatha The Drinker

Aerie's Baby

Aerie's Body

Air Library Note

Air Scepter


Am-si's Key

Amuana's Bones

Amulet of Seldarine

Andris' Journal

Anomen's Body

Arbane's Sword


Axe of Hrothgar

Azlaer's Harp

Bala's Axe

Barl's Antidote

Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters

Beastmaster Key

Beating Heart

Beholder Eye



Belladonna flowers

Big Metal Rod


Blood Wardstone

Blood of Quallo's Friend

Blood of a Silver Dragon

Blue Globe

Blue Oil

Bodhi's Black Heart

Bone Club +2, +3 vs. Undead

Bone Wardstone

Book of King Strohm III

Book of Rituals

Boots of Etherealness

Boots of Lightning Speed

Boots of Phasing

Boots of the West


Bounty Notice

Bracers of Defense AC 3

Bracers of Defense AC 4

Bracers of Defense AC 5

Bracers of Defense AC 7

Bracers of Defense AC 8


Breath Potion

Brine Potion

Broken Armor

Broken Miscellaneous

Broken Shield

Broken weapon

Bronze Horn of Valhalla

Brun's Dead Son

Buckler +1

Bust of Sune

Butter Knife of Balduran

Carston's Journal

Cernd's Baby

Chain Key

Chapel Key

Chelak's body


Child's Body

Chunk of Illithium Alloy

Clay Golem Manual

Clay Golem Page

Cleric's Staff +3

Cloak of Mirroring

Cloak of Protection +2

Club +2, Gnasher

Club +3, Blackblood

Club of Detonation +3

Club of Detonation +5


Cold Stone

Compass Wardstone


Conjur Ota Servanta

Contact's Note

Contaminated Iron

Control Circlet

Corrupted Tadpoles

Corthala Tax Notice

Crimson Chain +5

Crimson Dart +3

Crossbow of Affliction +4

Cult Key

Cursed Berserking Sword +3

Cursed Potion of Healing

Cursed Potion of Invulnerability

Cutthroat +4

Dagger +2, Longtooth

Dagger +4, Life-Stealer

Dagger of CHARNAME

Dagger of the Star +4

Dagger of the Star +5

Dark Elven Chain

Darkfire Bow +4

Darkfire Bow +5

Darkmail +3

Darksteel Shield +4

Dart +5

Dawn Ring

Dawn's Light Symbol

Dea Vampir Becomos

Deck of Many Things

Deed to the Windspear Hills

Defender of Easthaven +3

Deirex's Gem

Delryn Family Ring

Delver's Plate +2

Demin's Note

Demon Heart

Dennis' Mother's Gong

Despana Treasury Key

Dezkiel's Scroll

Diary of Carston's Apprentice

Djinni Painting

Dog Bones

Dog Meat

Dog Stew

Doomplate +3

Doppelganger Wardstone

Draconis' Head

Dradeel's Recipe Page

Dradeel's Spell Book

Dragon Scale Shield +2

Dragon's Bane +3

Dragon's Breath +4

Drow Adamantine Chain +5

Drow Elven Chain +3

Drow Flail +3

Drow Full Plate +5

Drow Guard's Key

Drow Halberd +3

Drow Lance +3

Drow Longsword +3

Drow Piwawfi Cloak

Drow Scimitar +3

Drow Shield +3

Drow Wardstone

Dusk Ritual

Dusty Book

Dwarven Rune Wardstone

Dwarven Thrower +3

Edwin's amulet

Efreeti Bottle

Elven Chain +1

Elven Court Bow +3

Elven Priest Stone

Empty Breath Potion Flask

Empty Potion Bottle

Energy Cells

Enkidu's Full Plate +3

Erinne Sling +4

Erinne Sling +5

Evan's Body

Everard's Morning Star +2

Exotic Hide

Eyestalk of an Elder Orb

Fake Dragon Eggs (Phaere's)

Fake Dragon Eggs (Solaufein)

Fake Rebel's Heart

Female Body

Festule the Alchemist's Potion

Fire Library Note

Fire Opal Ring

Fire Scepter

Fire Tooth +3

Firecam Full-Plate Armor

Firetooth +4

Firetooth +5

Firkraag's Challenge

First journal of Jon Irenicus

Flail Head (Acid)

Flail Head (Cold)

Flail Head (Electric)

Flail Head (Fire)

Flail Head (Poison)

Flame Of The North

Flame Tongue

Flame Wardstone

Flaming Long Sword +1

Flint and Tinder

Foebane +3

Foebane +5

Fortress Shield +3

Fuernebol Wardstone

Full Plate +2

Gaal's Key

Galvena's Key

Galvena's Medallion

Gauntlets of Crushing

Gauth Eyestalk

Geas Removal Scroll

Gem bag

Giant Hair Crossbow +3

Giant Troll's Head

Gilded Rope

Girdle of Gender


Glasses of Identification

Gloves of Missile Snaring

Gloves of Pickpocketing

Golden Arm and Leg

Golden Circlet

Golden Girdle

Golden Goblet of Life

Golden Leg

Golden Lion Figurine

Golden Skull

Golden Torso

Golem Arm

Golem Brain

Golem Building Book

Golem Head

Golem Manual

Gondegal the Lost King

Gorgon Plate +4

Gorion's Scroll

Gram the Sword of Grief +5

Grandmaster's Armor +6

Graveyard Key

Greagan's Harp

Green Globe

Greenstone Ring

Grinning Skull

Guildhouse Key

Guril Berries

Haegan's Key

Halberd +2, Duskblade

Halberd +4: Wave

Hammer Wardstone

Hammer of Thunderbolts +3


Handmaiden's Mace

Handwritten Note

Hangard's Axe +2

Harbinger +3

Harp of Discord

Harp of Pandemonium

Harper Pin

Head of Cotirso

Heart Key

Heartseeker +3

Heavy Crossbow of Searing +1

Helm of Infravision

Helm's Scroll

Hentold's Dagger

Hindo's Doom +3

Hindo's Doom +4

History of Durpar and Var

History of Shadowdale

History of the Drow

History of the Imprisoned One

History of the Nether Scrolls

History of the North

History of the Western Heartland

Holy Book

Holy Cloak

Holy Symbol of Helm

Holy Symbol of Lathander

Holy Symbol of Talos

Horn of Silence



Hull's Long sword

Human Flesh

Ice Library Note

Ice Scepter

Ice Star +4

Ihtafeer's head

Ilbratha +1

Illithid Correspondence

Illithid Rod

Illithid Serum

Imoen's Belt

Inspector's Body


Iron Horn of Valhalla

Isaea's Financial Statements

Isaea's Signet Ring

Isaea's Slavery Document

Islanne Wardstone

Ixil's Nail +4

Ixil's Spike +6

Jade Hound

Jade Ring

Jae'llat Wardstone

Jaheira's Body

Jaheira's note

Jail Cell Key

Jar of Water

Jerrod's Mace

Jester's Chain +4

Jhor The Bleeder +2

Jon's Key

Joril's Dagger +3

Joseph's Greenstone Ring

Juggernaut Golem Manual

Juggernaut Golem Page

K'logarath +4

Ka'rashur's Heart

Kachiko's Wakizashi +3

Keep Key

Keepsake Locket

Key to Aran's Lair

Key to Frennedan's Room


Kiel Wardstone

Koveras' Ring of Protection

Kundane +2

Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard

Kylee's Dagger


Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles

Last March of the Giants

Lavok's Tome

Lazarus' Spellbook

Lazarus' Teleport Scroll

Lens Piece

Letter of Transfer


Level 1 Exit Wardstone

Level 2 Exit Wardstone

Lich's Tooth

Light Gem

Lightstone Symbol

Littleman The Stuffed Bear

Lium's Journal of Malevolent Magicks

Lock of Jaheira's Hair

Lock of hair from Kirinhale

Long Bow of Marksmanship

Lord Tombelthen's Note

Mace of Disruption +1

Mace of Disruption +2

Madman's Journal

Mae'Var's Letter

Mae'Var's Strongbox Key

Mage Robe of Electric Resistance

Magical Rope

Mail of the Dead +2

Malakar +2

Male Body

Mallet Handle

Mallet Head

Mana Bow +4

Martial Staff +3

Mastery Orb

Mauler's Arm +2

Mekrath's Mirror

Melicamp the chicken

Melodic Chain +3

Metaspell Influence Amulet

Methild's Harp

Mind Amplification Device

Mind Flayer Painting

Mind Key

Minotaur Horn


Missile Attraction +2

Mithral Chain Mail +4

Mithral Field Plate Armor +2

Mithral Token

Monastery Gate Key

Montaron's Body

Morn Ritual

Mug of Ale


Neb's Head

Necklace of Talos

Nester's dagger

Noontide Ritual

Note from Imnesvale

Note to Order


Oak Bark

Old Slippers

Oliluke's Resilient Sphere

Opal Stone

Outer Jail Door Key

Patrol Leader's Helmet


Perdue's Short Sword


Pirate Horn

Planar Key

Planar Prison Cell Key

Planar Stone

Playhouse Deed

Portal Gem

Power Word Stun

Pride of the Legion +2

Protection From Energy

Protection From Evil

Protection From Magic Energy

Protection From Magic Weapons

Protection From Normal Missiles

Protection From Normal Weapons

Protection From Petrification

Protection From The Elements

Protection from Evil 10' radius

Protection from Magic

Protection from Poison

Protection from Undead

Proximity Bomb

Purple Globe

Purple Oil

Qilue's Brain

Quarter Staff +3

Quataris' Confession

Rabbit Ring

Raissa's Skin

Ransom Note

Rebel's Heart

Rebel's Orb

Red Globe

Red Oil

Renfeld's Body


Reversal Scroll

Rift Device Part

Rift Device

Rifthome Axe +3

Ring of Air Control

Ring of Djinni Summoning

Ring of Free Action

Ring of Holiness

Ring of Improved Invisibility

Ring of Infravision

Ring of Protection +3

Ritual Scroll

Rod of Absorption

Rod of Lordly Might

Rogue's Potion of Frost Giant Strength


Ruby Pendant

Ruby Stone

Rune of Imprisonment

Rusted Amulet

Sahuagin Scribe's Notes

Sahuagin Treasury Key

Samia's Key

Sapphire Stone

Scarlet Ninja-To +3

Scepter Gem

Scepter of Radiance

Scimitar +5, Defender

Scribbled Note


Sea Charts

Second journal of Jon Irenicus

Secret Jail Door Key

Sekolah's Tooth

Sendai's Key

Sewage Golem Key

Shadow Prison Key

Shadow Thief Cellar Key

Shadow Thief Cloak

Shadow Thief Dagger

Shadow Thief Prison Key

Shakti Figurine

Shandalar's Cloak

Shandalar's Wardstone

Shazzellim +1

Short Bow of Gesen

Short Sword +3

Short Sword +4

Silver Horn of Valhalla

Sisters of Light and Darkness

Skull Wardstone

Skull of Kereph

Sleeping Draught

Slime Library Note

Slime Scepter

Sling of Everard +5

Small Box

Smuggled Shipment

Solik Berries

Spear +1, Halcyon

Spear +3, Impaler

Spear of Kuldahar +3

Spirit Key

Staff of Arundel

Staff of Power


Statuette of Lathander

Stone Golem Manual

Stone Golem Page

Stone Harp

Stone Horn

Stone to Flesh Scroll

Stoneshape Scroll

Storm Ring

Sulphurous Poison

Summon Hakeashar

Sun Ray Symbol


Switch for an Engine

Sword of Balduran

Symbol Death

Symbol Fear

Symbol Stun

Symbol of Amaunator

Tahazzar's Heart

Tainted Dragon Eggs

Talisman of Rillifane

Tanner's Letter

Taragarth +1

Tattered Parchment

Tears of Bhaal

Teleportation Wardstone

The Dream Potion

The Gagged Man

The Genie's Flask

The Hand of Dace

The MDK2 Spell

The Root of the Problem

The Vampiricus Omnibus: Unabridged

The diary of Sarevok

Third journal of Irenicus

Thrall Collar

Ti'Vael's Head


Tizzak's Journal

Tombelthen's Journal (2nd half)

Tombelthen's Journal (first half)

Tome of Amaunator

Treasury Key

Tree of Life Nuts

Umar Witch Project Journal

Valygar's Body

Vial of mysterious liquid

Viconia's Body

Wand of Apprenti

Wand of Cloudkill Key

Wand of Cursing

Wand of Fire Key

Wand of Frost Key

Wand of Lightning Key

Wand of Missiles Key

Wand of Spell Striking

Wand of Summoning Key

War Hammer +1,+4 vs. Giantkin

War Hammer +3

Warden's Note

Warding Whip

Wardstone Forgery


Warrior's Skull

Wong Fei's Ioun Stone

Worn Out Boots

Writ of Innocence

Yaga-Shura's Heart

Yaga-Shura's Journal

Zios Gem Studded Necklace