Help Korgan recover the Book of Kaza.

I have joined with Korgan Bloodaxe to gain the Book of Kaza for a collector by the name of Pimlico. It is apparently in a tomb beneath the Grave District.  One of the crypts apparently leads to a lower, older section rumored to contain undead...but also the tome.

It appears that the Book of Kaza was taken from the tomb by former companions of Korgan's.  We must go to Pimlico's house in the Temple District to see if we can head them off and recover the book.

It appears that Korgan's former friends weren't satisfied with whatever reward Pimlico was offering. They killed the collector and, according to Korgan, will likely be drinking their gains on the roof of the Copper Coronet.  Korgan wishes to go pay his respects, so to speak.

Korgan's ex-party members (Shagbag and company) have escaped with the book in their possession.  Korgan off-handedly avowed that they would pay for it later.

The book has been recovered from Korgan's old party members, Shagbag and company (all of whom are now dead). Of course, there is no one to give it to now, so any gold from its sale is ours.

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