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    Item Available Map
    Battle Axe +1 Chapter 1 Beregost: Feldepost's Inn
    Battle Axe +1 Chapter 5 Baldur's Gate East: Sorcerous Sundries
    Battle Axe +2 Chapter 5 Baldur's Gate Northwest - Helm and Cloak - Gretek

    Item Available Map
    Dagger +1 Chapter 1 Beregost: Thunderhammer Smithy

    Dagger +2

    Chapter 1 Area East of Carnival
    Dagger of Venom Chapter 1 Beregost: Thunderhammer Smithy

    Item Available Map

    Flail +1

    Chapter 1

    Area West of Nashkel

    Morning Star +1

    Chapter 1

    Gullykin - Drakar

    Morning Star +1 Chapter 4 Cloakwood Mine - Drasus

    Item Available Map
    The Dead Shot Chapter 3 Bandit Camp

    Item Available Map

    Long Sword +1

    Chapter 1

    Beregost - Thunderhammer Smithy

    Long Sword +1 Chapter 5 Baldur's Gate East: Sorcerous Sundries
    Varscona Chapter 1 Nashkel Mines - Greywolf

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  • Jancos

    Flail of Ages - De'Arnise Keep

    Wyvern's Tail +2 - Sewers (Temple District)

    The Sleeper +2 - Bernard (after freeing Hendrak)

    Crom Faeyr - Bring the Hammer of Thunderbolts (Mind Flayer's Lair ), the Gauntlets of Ogre Power (Lavok's Sphere), the Girdle of Frost Giant Strength (Underdark), the Crom Faeyr Scroll (Shadow Dragon Cavern in Temple Ruins) and 10000 gold to Cromwell by the Athkatla Docks

    Belt of Inertial Barrier - Trademeet - Merchant after completing Dealing with the Trademeet Genies

    Cloak of the Sewers - Sewers (Temple District)

    Full Plate Mail - Sewers (Temple District)

    Ring of Earth Control - De'Arnise Keep

    Ring of Gaxx - Athkatla Docks, prerequisities: Athkatla Bridge, The Old Tunnels

    Black Spider Figurine - Lower Tombs

    Glasses of Identi…

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