• Khyeron

    This entry will be edited as time goes:

    Core Rules:  I had originally posted this in one of the talkback comments, but an admin whose suffix/title rhymes with the one Zhar and Xzar use, took umbrage with some of my posts.  Since admins wield sticks of power and this fellow is a self admitted mage player, we'll presume he's not to be trifled with unless within crossbow or grappling range.  :)

    Anyways, here goes.

    Coincidentally, and this may be the wrong place to post this, but I noticed "Core Rules" excludes a big one, which still shocks me that it wasn't FIXED by now, not even for the Enhanced Edition.  People insta-die the moment hps reach 0.  You'd think with "Core Rules" as a setting, people would spend the next 10 rounds bleeding to death…

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