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  • Orkamat


    May 11, 2014 by Orkamat

    Among the first things I did here was to Americanize spelling (eg. Armor instead of Armour), even though it pained my Canadian heart to do so (not really), because that's the way things are spelled in all DnD documentation and publications.

    Lately, I've added Internationalization to the list of things I do now and then. That's a big word for basically two simple things:

    • European 1st floor = American 2nd floor. Americans count the floors of a building from the ground up, while Europeans count starting from the floor above the ground floor. In an effort to provide a neutral description that will confuse neither group, I've begun replacing "1st floor" with phrases such as "top floor" or "middle floor."
    • Decimals. American 1.5 = European 1,5. Whil…
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  • Orkamat

    I'm now on the fifth restart of this, my third third install/session of Baldur's Gate, following major experiments with the effects of 19 Charisma and 19 Dexterity on quests and gameplay, major explorations and re-explorations of game areas to establish "Transitions" reasonably definitively, acquiring and re-acquiring quests, completing and re-completing quests, etc. etc.

    You might say I've been a touch obsessive. You might be right.

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  • Orkamat


    March 24, 2014 by Orkamat
    [Edit: This section has been made moot, sort of, by someone's addition of the category "Unmarked quests." I had almost, finally, decided on the category "Encounters" which fits a larger proportion of these non- and semi-quest articles, but... que sera, sera, as Doris Day said.]

    I'm about done (overdone?) with the Prologue now, except that there are a number of quest-like incidents that I can't quite decide what to do with:

    • Scamming the Nobles
    • Assassins: Shank & Carbos
    • Fuller’s Dagger
    • Jondalar’s Training
    • Gatewarden’s / Obe's Training
    • A Potion from the Clinic

    They're not exactly quests, although Obe's Training already has an article in which it is presented as a quest. They are, however, significant encounters, some of which advance knowledge of the…

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  • Orkamat

    Too much?

    March 19, 2014 by Orkamat

    I've recently begun doing some rather major expansions to wikia entries for the Prologue stage of tBaldur's Gate. Before I get too, too carried away, I'd appreciate some feedback from other editors, and from any users that may find their way here, too. 

    I used to tease my father that his motto was: "If a job is worth doing, it's worth overdoing." Am I turning into my father?

    Prime examples of possibly overdone entries include Gatewarden, where I may have gone overboard with the dialogue, and Cat, which is brief but entirely unnecessary. (Which is why i love it! I'll admit that I have a tendency to get silly, imagining that it balances somehow with my tendency to get pedantic.)

    What do you think?

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