[Edit: This section has been made moot, sort of, by someone's addition of the category "Unmarked quests." I had almost, finally, decided on the category "Encounters" which fits a larger proportion of these non- and semi-quest articles, but... que sera, sera, as Doris Day said.]

I'm about done (overdone?) with the Prologue now, except that there are a number of quest-like incidents that I can't quite decide what to do with:

  • Scamming the Nobles
  • Assassins: Shank & Carbos
  • Fuller’s Dagger
  • Jondalar’s Training
  • Gatewarden’s / Obe's Training
  • A Potion from the Clinic

They're not exactly quests, although Obe's Training already has an article in which it is presented as a quest. They are, however, significant encounters, some of which advance knowledge of the storyline while others have major (or minor) treasure rewards.

I considered creating a new category for them: Pseudoquests. If I could come up with a better name, I would probably have added a category and the articles already.

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