• Ranime Codexer

    Two more Unfinished Business quests have revealed themselves to me; one a modification of an older quest, as was the case with Neb, the other totally new.

    In vanilla Baldur's Gate II, this mad spider-loving woman attacks the player on sight. In Unfinished Business, a diplomatic party can pass her by in peace - indeed, if they're polite, Pai'na offers them a job.

    Pai'na is a half-drow druid of the Hive Master kit, which means she focuses her attention on protecting insects - specifically, giant spiders. As a result, she's very upset that the government has a pair of lunkheaded exterminators running around willy-nilly killing spiders off in the sewers under the Temple District. She can't confront them directly because they have in their posses…

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  • Ranime Codexer

    Welp, time for the second entry in what I hope will be a series about the new quests added to Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn by installing the mod "Unfinished Business". As long as the admins don't object, and I keep finding them, I'll keep doing them.

    To trigger this quest, one must have Unfinished Business installed, have Minsc in the party, and leave the Docks district in Athkatla. Other requirements are unknown at this point.

    Upon arriving in the new area, Minsc will have a sudden freak out as he discovers that Boo has gone missing. If Gorion's Ward does not react in too harsh a manner (which will cause Minsc to leave the game permanently), Minsc will plead to be taken back to the Docks, which is where he last saw Boo.

    Since the loss of…

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  • Ranime Codexer

    Baldur's Gate and 4e

    November 30, 2013 by Ranime Codexer

    As much as I love the story of Baldur's Gate, I cannot deny that I have always found the 2e ruleset that it operated under to be clunky and awkward - do not get me started on dual-classing vs. multi-classing, or racial class restrictions. So, I was something of an evolutionist for D&D rulesets, up until 4e gave way to Essentials.

    As a result, just for fun and a bit of brain exercise, I've been giving some thoughts to what classes and alignments the various characters from Baldur's Gate might have been if it was made under 4th edition rules.

    Now, to clear the air first up, this is just for fun. I don't mind people posting comments about their own interpretations of a given character, and I am willing to consider other viewpoints, but let's no…

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  • Ranime Codexer

    I've never done a blog post before, so I'm not 100% certain of the appropriate etiquette to be using here. I do apologise if things are said here that I'm not supposed to say.

    I only recently began playing Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn with the Unfinished Business mod included, but I found myself intrigued. Right out the gate I found myself stumbling across one of the promised new quests. Now, while I have asked an admin, I doubt that entries on such quests will ever be allowed on here. So, I figured: if I have inspiration for writing articles about UB-exclusive quests, why not make a blog serial out of them? And so, without further ado, the first in what I hope will be a series on the quests included in Unfinished Business.

    1. 1: Kalah, Jaf…

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