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  • WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw

    Game over!

    the only content left to play the SOD, which i almost finished if not for the program having an identity crisis towards the end.

    i dont know if any one will ever read this, but this wiki got me through, some times it pulled me along and some times i desired to create new content.

    Once SOD content is done i will likely cease to contribute to the wiki any more, but till that time expect more crap tastic intial pages from me!

    02:04, August 28, 2017 (UTC)

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  • WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw

    Good morning every one!

    I am currently churning through TOB, right now in Sendai's enclave.

    last blog post was over a year ago, since then i have beaten SOA, and finished most of The Pre Seq.

    as when ever i play i will constantly reference the Wiki, as proof to the genesis of new pages in the Wiki.

    Sorry for their lack of content, i know it would be better to make one great page then a score of lesser pages, but the better Wiki Folk then me must pick up where i leave off.

    once i finish TOB, i will reset all my programs (the mods seem to get in the way) and finish TPS. then i will be working on the side content.

    Hope all are having a wonderful Saturday, quick break before i go back to the game!


    WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw (talk) 17:50, August 20,…

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  • WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw

    Hello all!

    I started playing BG1 when it was first released in (if my memory serves me right) the PC Gamers Demo CD pack (for the younger readers in the audience, this magazine came with the latest Demo for games) and I was smitten, being that I was rather young and some times rather "john come lately" I thought that 18/99 was the highest and 18/00 was the lowest.... yeah, just imagine how many times I passed over 18/00....

    anyway, I eventually (the second time with out Gate Keeper) beat BG 1, however life always got in the way of me beating BG2, and now I am replaying BG1:EE, with intent to play all the way through.

    I play catch as catch can, but would enjoy fellowship in either an audience or other people to play with.

    Currently I am running…

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