Good morning every one!

I am currently churning through TOB, right now in Sendai's enclave.

last blog post was over a year ago, since then i have beaten SOA, and finished most of The Pre Seq.

as when ever i play i will constantly reference the Wiki, as proof to the genesis of new pages in the Wiki.

Sorry for their lack of content, i know it would be better to make one great page then a score of lesser pages, but the better Wiki Folk then me must pick up where i leave off.

once i finish TOB, i will reset all my programs (the mods seem to get in the way) and finish TPS. then i will be working on the side content.

Hope all are having a wonderful Saturday, quick break before i go back to the game!


WindOfTheUnwrittenLaw (talk) 17:50, August 20, 2017 (UTC)

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