Hello all!

I started playing BG1 when it was first released in (if my memory serves me right) the PC Gamers Demo CD pack (for the younger readers in the audience, this magazine came with the latest Demo for games) and I was smitten, being that I was rather young and some times rather "john come lately" I thought that 18/99 was the highest and 18/00 was the lowest.... yeah, just imagine how many times I passed over 18/00....

anyway, I eventually (the second time with out Gate Keeper) beat BG 1, however life always got in the way of me beating BG2, and now I am replaying BG1:EE, with intent to play all the way through.

I play catch as catch can, but would enjoy fellowship in either an audience or other people to play with.

Currently I am running three hand crafted NPCS, Imo and Kivan. My intent is to dual Imo at 7, and keep Kivan as my primary Long Bow Archer. The PCs are an Inquisitor (Keldorn semi clone) who acts as my party leader (but will get the axe from the party for Keldorn in BG2) a Illusionist Thief Gnome (Jan semi clone) and the individual who is the star of the show is a Ftr/Clr Dwarf, Dex/Chr are his dump stats (no issue in BG2 due to the Ring, and eventually Keldorn with Chr boosting items will take the lead to free up that Ring spot for something that is combatively functional)

If other people want to join I would have no issue with other PCs being introduced, if not then Space-Hamster-Man will be joining my party (and something unfortunate will happen to the Invoker, due to my Jans clone being far more functional)

I welcome any and all to watch, comment and enjoy the show!

PM me if you want game and password!



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