TIMER WARNING: Various stages of Phaere & Solaufein’s quests have time limits, some of
which are three days long, some are only a few in-game hours. Make haste in the progress else
the drow city will become hostile, closing all related quests.
Ust Natha is an underground drow city in the Underdark under Tethyr.

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Ust Natha is mostly built on platforms above the natural bottom of its cavern, many supported on stalagmites, with most on the same level but a few above the others. Buildings of note in the city include guilds for female and male fighters, a tavern, a temple of Lolth. This city is run on the basis of several competing houses led by matron mothers.

The elven temple in Tethyr and city are fought over regularly by the drow and surface elves, though the silver dragon Adalon guards the area and tries to govern the hostilities, often successfully.

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