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Valygar Corthala is a human stalker, which is a class kit for rangers. He is a potential companion in Baldur's Gate II, but the subquest about the sphere in the Athkatla Slums must be started to find him. He can be found in his cabin in the Umar Hills. When he joins the party, he has the following items: his family blade and armor, a long bow and some arrows.

He will return to his cabin when he is removed from the party.

In-game descriptionEdit

When asked about his past, Valygar is silent for a long time and his face becomes grim. He explains briefly that he is is the last of the Corthale noble line, a family that was once one of the wealthiest in Amn. The Corthalas have always been cursed with magical ability, however, and Valygar spits the words with great derision. Every Corthale who has used their magical talents has become obsessed with them and ultimately come to a grievous end. His mother was the most recent victim, although the ranger does not elaborate on the point. Valygar intends to fulfill his family's oath to find and destroy their ancestor, Lavok, and then he intends to let his cursed bloodline die out once and for all.

Related questsEdit

Relationships Edit

  • Edwin - Conflicts
  • Viconia - She will come to blows with Valygar if a certain noblewoman in the Government District is spoken to while they are both in the party


  • "I can hear you well enough."
  • "You thought this through?"
  • "I'll aid you if I can."
  • "Fair enough."
  • "I have stamina and patience, but both are wearing thin. It is time to rest." (when getting tired).
  • "I left all this noise and crowds for very good reasons. I'm beginning to remember them." (when in a city).
  • "If you've some healing arts in your possession, I could certainly use them, now!" (at critical health).
  • "I am pleased you came across me when you did... this group does good things." (when reputation is high).
  • "So be it! I am your doom!" (battle cry)
  • "I shall make this quick for you..." (battle cry)
  • "I'm still here."
  • "A good hit." (critical hit)
  • "Ugh. Such a miss?" (Critical miss)

External linksEdit

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