There's no roof to this world.

Viconia DeVir is a neutral evil drow cleric and a potential companion.BGTotSCBG:EESoDBGIIToBBGII:EE

Originally a drow from the Underdark, she no longer serves the spider queen Lolth, she's now a worshiper of Shar.

Viconia and Edwin are the two non-game canonal companions.

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword CoastEdit

Recruitment Edit

Viconia DeVir is available to recruit from Chapter 3. She can be found in the north-west corner of the Peldvale area, where she is being chased by a Flaming Fist officer. This officer wants to kill her and the party can prevent this from happening. If Gorion's Ward speaks to her after the battle, she will offer to join their party. If they side with officer, 800 XP will be awarded for killing her. You may also need high enough reaction for her to join you.

Recruiting her reduces the party's reputation by 2, because she is a drow and they are despised by the surface-dwelling races. If the party's reputation grows too high (19+) for Viconia's liking, or if she is removed from the party, she will then depart the game permanently.

Relationships Edit

  • She'll end up fighting Ajantis
  • She may come to blows with Kivan if they are in the same party for too long

Gameplay analysis Edit

She has a natural magic resistance of 50%, high dexterity score of 18, with the right equipment and spells, she can be an excellent tank.

Note that in original BG1, the MR applies against both enemy spells and friendly beneficial items/magic, which means healing or buffing Viconia can be a very frustrating affair, especially if she is in dire need of healing.

Starting levels
Average party level Level XP Gold Hit Points Weapon Proficiencies Equipment
1.00 - 2.99 2 1603 0 12 (Max possible:16)
  • Mace +
  • Sling +
3.00 - 4.99 4 6134 0 18 (Max possible:32)
  • War Hammer +
  • Mace +
  • Sling +
5.00+ 6 27628 0 27 (Max possible:48)

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about her past, Viconia reveals (quite proudly) that is she is a dark elf from the Underdark city of Menzoberranzan. She says very little about her reason for leaving that sunless realm, though separations from such a nature are never gentle. She claims she does no longer worship the spider goddess Lolth, a change that you even know is often fatal. Her new faith is in the night goddess Shar, an appropriate choice for a drow, though this is not a firm indication that she has given up the brutal ways of her people. She finds the Laws of the surface world quaint and and more than a little strange, but this is simply because of her lack of experience. Likewise she seems a bit naive about how her race is viewed by surface dwellers. Many will not give her the chance she seems to expect, and even being seen with her affect how people think of you. You know, that as a drow, she has resistance to magic, both beneficial and harmful.


Help me! If you don't help me, they'll kill me. Initial meeting
We must run! Morale failure
Shar looks upon us with favor. Happy
Surface-dwellers can be so stupid. Unhappy-annoyed
I am disappointed by our lack of progress. Unhappy-serious
I have no desire to remain in the company of the witless. Unhappy-break
With the guidance of Shar, we shall prosper. Leader
I must rest. Tired
Drow are never this idle with their time. Bored
Lil alurl! For Shar! Battlecry1
Shar! Save me from the spider queen's vengeance. Hurt
Your forests seem very strange, and yet somehow familiar. Forest
'Tis akin to my home, but home does not welcome me. Dungeon
The light, it burns! Day
There's no roof to this world. Night
Jal khaless? Select1
Nightsinger, give me power. Select2
Oloth zha? Select3
Nau natha. Action1
Khaless nau! Action2
May darkness prevail. Action3
I pity you for your short lifespan. Action4
I am born of a noble race. Action5
Shar is a goddess of conviction and purpose. Action6
I'll go where you wish, if you keep me from the accursed sun. Action7
Greetings, darthiir. I know that you look upon me as an enemy, but perhaps we could ignore our differences. Interaction1
Iblith! If that is how you want things, then so be it.


I worship Lolth no longer.


Don't threaten me, Kivan. It shall only lead to your death.


If you wish to die, I am pleased to assist.


In the Underdark, you would be fodder for the kuo-toa. Insult1
You are one of the few among us whom I can respect. Compliment1
Male, fetch me something to eat. Special1
Death is not something to mourn. To death-general
It is sad that Kivan and I never understood each other. To death-Kivan
I am... flattered. Thank you. To-compliment1
I will not accept such arrogance from a male! On your knees. To insult1
Never again speak to me in such a manner!

To insult2

Get away from me, surface scum! Dialog Default

Baldur's Gate: Siege of DragonspearEdit

Recruitment Edit

Viconia is available to recruit by the end of Chapter 7 (SoD), she joins the fight against the Shining Lady's crusade and first shows up alongside her new companion (a duergar named Pfaug) in front of the Ducal Palace when the forces from Baldur's Gate set out to march against Dragonspear Castle. She can be recruited into the party here, for the loss of two reputation points. If not recruited or dismissed, she can be found within the Coalition Camp, where she can be re-recruited.

Relationships Edit

In-game biography Edit

When asked about her past, Viconia snaps that there is nothing about her you need to know. Over time, you've learned that Viconia is a drow from the city of Menzoberranzan, though she left her home some time ago for unspecified reasons. Life on the surface has been hard for Viconia. She turned away from the traditional drow worship of Lolth and instead venerates Shar, goddess of darkness and loss. Viconia still finds the customs and mannerisms of surface-dwellers strange and takes malicious amusement in watching others struggle to decide how best to deal with her. Traveling with you has afforded Viconia some measure of protection, and she seems content, for the time being, to remain in your company during the march to Dragonspear Castle.


I will not lie down and die! Morale failure
Your companionship is not so grating as I feared. Happy
Your actions are as ill-judged as they are incomprehensible. Unhappy-annoyed
Do you seek to see me imprisoned or killed? Keep our profiles more discreet, then. Unhappy-serious
I cannot risk traveling with you any longer. Your actions threaten my freedom and my faith. I go. Unhappy-break
Putting a drow in charge shows you have exceptional confidence in me. Or you're exceptionally idiotic. Leader
Even you surface-dwellers have to sleep, don't you? Tired
Though peace and quiet is appealing at times, this is not one of those times. Let us move on. Bored
No mercy for those who oppose us! Battlecry1
Zah'har! Battlecry2
Victory shall be ours. Battlecry3
Death comes swiftly! Battlecry4
Your life is mine! Battlecry5
Ah! Damage
I bleed! Heal me! Hurt
Shar... take me... Dying
There is no roof to this world. Forest
Ugh, the stink of the collected rivvin. How I despise them all! City
I swim in memories of places such as this... most unpleasant memories. Dungeon
The peace of night ends, and the hectic brightness of the day takes over. Day
Praise to the Nightsinger. Night
Yes, abbil? Select1
I am yours to command. Select2
Vel'bol? Select3
Hm? Select4




Yes. Action1
Dosst orn. Action2
Fair enough. Action3
Jalbyr emp'poss? Action4
Shar guides my hand. Action5
I believe it's almost time for a new hairstyle. Action6
I hate all of you. Deeply. Action7
The darkness claims another. To death-general
Return to the shadows from where we came. To death-specific
Jalbyr emp'poss? Select rare1
Shar guides my hand.

Select rare2

Bleed for Shar! Critical hit
Curses! Critical miss
My weapon is faulty! Target immune
I cannot carry any more. It is dropped. Inventory full
You don't deserve what you cannot keep. Picked pocket
The night cloaks me. Hidden in shadows
Blast! My spell goes awry! Spell disrupted
The trap is baited and set. Set a trap

Dialogues Edit

How much longer must we wait? Crowds are fickle things. I know too well what can happen when moods turn sour.
Not all of us will be so celebrated as you, O "hero."
Talk, and nothing more? I know what men want from me.
Me? Join you? That would drive Pfaug mad.
And drive him mad I shall. Are we off?

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Throne of Bhaal Edit

Recruitment Edit

Viconia DeVir is available to recruit from Chapter 2. She can be found in Athkatla's Government District near the Prison, where she must be rescued from followers of Beshaba, who want to burn her on a stake. If you try to rescue her, this will provoke the followers to attack your party.

As Drow have gained extreme notoriety in the Forgotten Realms. Having Viconia in the party reduces the party's reputation by 2. This reputation loss is regained as soon as she is removed from the group.

If she is removed from the party, she can be found in the Graveyard, near the far entrance of Bodhi's lair.

Relationships Edit

Gameplay analysis Edit

Her wisdom has been improved by three points and her magic resistance has increased to 65%.

As an evil cleric, at high levels her Turn Undead will enable her control almost every enemy undead type (liches, vampires...), this can be exploited by using the Sanctuary spell and/or by casting Invisibility on her, then let her walk among the undead hordes. Beware though, activating her turning will also affect holy paladins, including Keldorn, but can be prevented with a Remove Fear spell.

Her strength of 10 restricts her from wearing heavy armor, but this problem can be solved by letting her equip Strength-boosting equipment such as Gauntlets of Ogre Power. Her AC will be rather decent due to the stackable bonus gained from her high dexterity score. She may also wear the lightweight Ankheg Plate Mail naturally.

However, her maximum Hit Points are rather low because she doesn't have any bonus from constitution. Though her Hit Points can still be boosted by the Helm of Balduran, or the Girdle of Fortitude and the Pale Green Ioun Stone, there aren't many HP-boosting items in game, so this is a major downside to Viconia's combat effectiveness. Stat-boosting spells like Draw Upon Holy Might become very important when Viconia joins a fight.

In general, Viconia's best utilized when she stays in the back row, buffing-up and healing the group's tanks and using her sling from afar. Using her in melee is not encouraged due to her low HP and sub-par THAC0. She is also equipment-dependent, requiring the right stat-boosting armor and weapons to be fully efficient.

In-game biography Edit

When asked about her past, Viconia snarls that it is not your place to know such things of her. There is still pride in her voice when she speaks about the Underdark home of Menzoberranzan, but you get the feeling that there is nothing left for her there, her family and House most likely victims of typically vicious Drow 'politics'. She has continued in her worship of Night Goddess Shar, but that appears to have been her only boon to her exile. She seems sullen and bitter, and certainly has learned much of the intolerance she must face while living amongst surface peoples. Her natural abilities as a Drow have faded with time, also contributing to her lost sense of belonging.

Quotes Edit

We must flee to fight another day! Morale failure
I find this a most satisfactory arrangement. Happy
Surface-dwellers can be so stupid. Unhappy-annoyed
I am beginning to tire of spending my time with fools. Unhappy-serious
I have no desire to remain in the company of the witless. Unhappy-break
I see you have learned much in your short lifespan. Leader
How long do you intend to crack your whip on my back?! I say we stop now. Tired
The drow are never this idle with their time. Bored
Lil alurl! For Shar! Battlecry1
No mercy for those who oppose us! Battlecry2
Ultrinnan! Battlecry3
No... it cannot end like this... I shall not allow it! Hurt
I am still unused to all this green and fragrant brightness... part of me yet looks for the hidden spider's web amongst all this. Forest
The stink of the collected rivvin... how I despise them all. City
I swim in memories in such a place as this... most unpleasant memories. Dungeon
Ahhh, this light... still it burns me! Day
There is no roof to this world. I feel as if I shall fall into this sky of yours sometimes. Night
Jal Khaless? Select1
Yes, abbil? Select2
Usstan zhah dosst. Select3
I am yours to command. Select4
Shar guides my hand.


Victory shall be ours! You know this.


Trust is for the foolish... and the dead. Action1
I shall follow your strength. Action2
Destiny awaits! Action3
Nau natha. Action4
A'dos quarth! Action5
As you desire. Action6
If that is your will. Action7
Folt xund! Select rare1
I serve Shar above all others, but I shall remain with you... for now.

Select rare2

Vith'os! Critical hit
Vith'ir! Critical miss
My weapon is faulty! Target immune
I will carry no more. You may scrounge for what I have dropped upon the ground. Inventory full
My thoughts are disrupted. My magic is lost! Spell disrupted


Shar! My deliverance is in your hands. ...Wait! I recognize you! <PRO_CHARNAME>! It is I! Viconia DeVir! You must remember! My life depends on it!
Praise the goddess! My thanks for your timely intervention!
I owe you my life, abbil... you have saved me once again. I did nothing to provoke their attack, I tell you! I was passing through the city when the man guessed my identity under my hood.


In general, Viconia tends to be cold and cruel, particularly when it suits her purposes. Due partly to her experience as a drow, she values strength and the ambition to dominate and tends to despise compassion as a weakness. Occasionally, she exhibits a slightly less vicious side to her, though.

If romanced, Viconia will (depending partly on how Gorion's Ward responds) vacillate between venomous hostility and abject compassion and fear (mostly of her former goddess, Lolth).

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