Vitiare is a thief who can be found in the westernmost gambling tent at the Nashkel Carnival.  Upon entering, he will walk towards Gorion's Ward and their party, boldly state that he is a master thief, then steal 100Goldpieces. If one is not quick enough, he can disappear before getting the chance to retake the stolen gold. He won't appear again after the theft.

He can be killed without reputation loss.


Arm your party with ranged weapons and enter the tent. Pause the game and direct someone to walk up to Vitiare. Unpause and, when your party member has reached him, he will steal 100Goldpieces from them. Pause the game again and attack him. Unpause and, if you are quick and effective enough, he will be dead before he can escape.

Alternatively, simply attack him with a distance weapon before he approaches you, making him aggressive, allowing to kill him without a time limit. Despite having a dagger, he will not try to attack you, but will run around the tent.