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A fine group and a fine beer! Now all I need is a fine woman.
Voghiln, also known as Voghiln the Mighty or Voghiln the Vast, is a Neutral Good Skald from Luskan and one of the four new companions in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear. He joins you in the fight against the Crusade and later re-appears as one of the gladiators in the Black Pits II.

Siege of DragonspearEdit

Voghiln the Mighty can be found at the far north-eastern section of the Troll Claw Forest alongside Jaheira (co-ordinates: x=3700, y=270). He will mistake you for a Crusader, but his Harper companion stops him before he can attack you. Jaheira then goes on to inform you about Khalid being trapped in the Bridgefort, which is under siege by the Crusade. Even though he is traveling with Jaheira, the game doesn't require you to bring both of them along at the same time. When recruited he is equipped with the following equipment: 

His weapom proficiencies are:

He knows the following spells at recruitment:

His default skills are:

Additionally, he has the Skald Song at his disposal, which gives every party member in reach +2 to-hit, +2 dmg and +2 AC.


Female Protagonist: Voghiln will hit on the protagonist, if they are female. The player has the option to start a romance with him.

Safana: These two will have an affair behind the protagonist's back.

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about his past, Voghiln speaks at considerable length of his travels in the North. Originally from Luskan, Voghiln felt the call of adventure and set out on a journey to the Spine of the World. For the next few years, he traveled among the northernmost countries, including Vaasa and the Silver Marches, building up his repertoire and his reputation as a skald.

Near the story's end, Voghiln hastily glosses over a bit where he decided to travel south for a time. No amount of persuasion convinces him to reveal why he truly left the North. Instead, Voghiln said, he came north chasing new adventures and new "womans."

Despite his fondness for drink and his propensity for chasing skirts, Voghiln is a brave and talented companion who is eager to see the crusade come to an end—mostly so that he can write about it.''


  • Morale Faillure: Ach, I need a drink! I MUST FIND A DRINK!
  • Happy: A fine group and a fine beer! Now all I need is a fine woman.
  • Unhappy: I dislike these actions, but I trust you for now.
  • Seriously Unhappy: I may need to strike out on mine own if we keep on this path.
  • Breaking Point: I would be ashamed to sing of our deeds! I am gone from here.
  • If made Party Leader: I will lead us to glory. They will sing of our feats for years to come!
  • Tired: Ach, I need a rest. And I need a drink. But mostly to rest.
  • Bored: If we're stopping so long, we should break out the ale, ja?
  • Battle Cry 1: Steel and spell!
  • Battle Cry 2: Fear Voghiln the Mighty!
  • Battle Cry 3: First we fight, then we drink!
  • Battle Cry 4: To victory!
  • Battle Cry 5: None shall sing of your death!
  • Damage Taken: Ah!
  • Dying: Just one... last... drink.
  • Seriously Injured: Ach! Voghiln dies!
  • In Forest: Ho ho, these southern forests are so green and crowded!
  • In City: Cities hold marvels and wonders, ja? And also many fine drinking establishments!
  • In Dungeon: A nip from a flask keeps one warm underground.
  • Daytime: Praise day at even.
  • Nighttime: When the sun falls, the time for revelry is upon us, ja?
  • Selected 1: Ja?
  • Selected 2: Mine friend?
  • Selected 3: Mmm?
  • Selected 4: Ha?
  • Selected 5: Again?
  • Selected 6: At your service.
  • Action Acknowledged 1: Ja.
  • Action Acknowledged 2: Ho, ho!
  • Action Acknowledged 3: Agreed.
  • Action Acknowledged 4: Just one drink first!
  • Action Acknowledged 5: Where are the womans at?
  • Action Acknowledged 6: *glug* *glug* *glug* Ahhh...
  • Action Acknowledged 7: I am a mighty Viking, ho!
  • Reaction to Party Member Death: I shall honor our fallen friend's life in song and deed.
  • Reaction to specific Party Member Death: Ach, no! Such loveliness lost!
  • Selected Rare 1: Just one drink first!
  • Selected Rare 2: Where are the womans at?
  • Criticical Hit: Voghiln strikes!
  • Critical Miss: Ah, hold still that I may hit you!
  • Target Immune: The weapon! It does nothing!
  • Inventory Full: I cannot carry that AND the beer. I had to drop it.
  • Pickpocket Successful: Ho ho, I found a trinket!
  • Stealth Successful: None see mine stealthy form, ja?
  • Lost Spell: Mine spell slips away!
  • Trap Set: I have laid a trap, ho ho!

Black Pits IIEdit

Voghiln - this time under the title Voghiln the Vast - reappears as one of the gladiators in the new Black Pits.


Voghiln is stereotypical Viking-type: He loves to drink, he loves to fight and loves to have beautiful women around him. Ideally all at once. All of that is crowned with an over-the-top Saxon accent. And let's not forget that he likes speaking of himself in third person. Underneath his rude behaviour and his inability to be faithful however, lurks a funny and charming fellow who's got his heart in the right place.


  • Voghiln is one of the many characters in the Enhanced Editions, who is voiced by Mark Meer.
    • He is also one of the three companions voiced by him. The other two are Rasaad and Baeloth.

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