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Volothamp Geddarm or Volo, is a famous story teller and traveler. Volo is the author and illustrator of many guide books and maps of Faerûn.

Two of Volo's maps come printed, within special editions of the Baldur's Gate game. Much of the Instruction Manual to the game is also written from Volo's point of view.

In BG:EE, he can't be damaged. He is not immune nor does he have special resistances; when you hit him with a spell or with a weapon, the damage simply doesn't happen, and no message is displayed.

We can meet with Volo in-game. He is at the Belching Dragon Tavern, in Nashkel. If you speak with him he will tell you stories and information about the Sword Coast, most of them useful for your quest.

Throne of BhaalEdit

In Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, he can be found in the Tankard Tree in Saradush. He has some banter about describing all companions who you have brought with you. It's not known what happens to him after the giants managed to breach the city walls.


  • "Erm...eer...yes, the tab. Another ale young miss, I'll be sure to have your funds ready."
  • "I have travelled the length and bredth of Faerûn, and there's always something new"
  • "Awfully familiar with that pointer aren't you?"

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