Vyatri's Pub is an inn and tavern in Trademeet in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Gorion's Ward and their party can rest and drink in this establishment. The first time they enter, Viekang will recognize them as a Bhaalspawn and will immediately be hit by lightning and teleported away.


Related questsEdit

Animal Trouble in TrademeetEdit

Trademeet is besieged by animals controlled by druids from the nearby grove, and High Merchant Logan Coprith hires the party to investigate.


Drinks Price
Arabellan Wine 7
Berduskan Wine 14
Evermead 30
Saerloonian Wine 15
Westgate Wine 8
Woodland Wine 1
room_offers Price
Peasant 1
Merchant 6
Noble 10