A Wand of Magic Missiles is a wand in all games of the Baldur's Gate series, that's filled with up to one hundred Magic Missiles of which – opposed to the spellone will be fired per use. It can be utilized by each class, except the Wizard Slayer.


Note: There are some specific instances of this wand that use different item codes and slightly varying stats. This section, as well as the infobox, for now mainly covers the standard item.

In Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition , you will find this item early on as one can be found in Imoen 's starting inventory. This wand can be bought from Sorcerous Sundries in Baldur's Gate or may be obtained as a drop. In Baldur's Gate II it can be looted from the second floor of Gaelan Bayle's home and from Deirex's Tower in Ust Natha and is dropped by Prebek in his home in the Athkatla Docks district.

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When activated, the wand will eject a missile of magical energy that darts forth and unerringly strikes its target. This includes enemy creatures in a melee. The target creature must be seen or otherwise detected to be hit, however, so near-total concealment, such as that offered by arrow slits, can render the spell ineffective. The missile will inflict 1d4+1 points of damage.