Wands of Paralyzation are used to paralyze most creatures. The wand has a range of 100' and shoots thin ray of bluish magic at the target. When the target can't make a save roll vs. wands, it will be stunned for 10 rounds, which is about 60 seconds in real time. This wand is found in Flesh Golem's Cave in the Lighthouse area and for sale at the Sorcerous Sundries in Baldur's Gate. In Baldur's Gate II it can be looted from the Guarded Compound and is dropped by the war party in the North Forest.

In-game descriptionEdit

When used, this wand shoots forth a thin ray of bluish magic to a maximum range of 60'. When a creature is touched by the ray, it must roll a save vs. wands in order to avoid being stunned for 10 rounds.

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