The Machine of Lum the Mad Level is the 4th level of Watcher's Keep, it has two large subareas, Illithid Encampment and Githyanki Encampment.

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  • When you arrive on the this level, you will be met by Carston the mage. He is trapped inside a machine which allows him to summon any creature he wants, yet he is invulnerable to its attacks.
  • Go to the northeast corner of the area and defeat the two Magic Golems. You need to use non-magical weapons against them to cause them harm. Take the Blue Oil from the pool.
  • From the center chamber, go north to the Illithid Encampment.
  • Take the two Illithid Rod pieces from this area and they will merge into a single key. The first part is in the southern chamber and the second is in the northwest chamber. Use the key to enter the west chamber and take the Red Oil from the pool. Two Vampiric Illithids will jump out of the their coffins and attack you.
  • Return to the center chamber of the 4th level and go south to the Githyanki Encampment.
  • Take the Flint and Tinder from one of the chests in the first room.
  • Defeat the Captain in the room with the Dragon's Head and take the Purple Oil from the pool in the center of the room. To the southeast is Saladrex's cavern. He is a Red Dragon who can give you some useful information about the level if you listen to him.
  • Return again to the main area of the 4th level and go to the south room with the six torches. Light the torches as is shown in this diagram to open the big doors:
  • Defeat Rock and Garock in the next room and take the Crystal Mallet from one of the safes.
  • Click on the glass case surrounding Carston in the Machine of Lum the Mad. Hit it with the Crystal Mallet six times to break it. Carston will beg you to spare his life and will give you his journal.
  • Click on the Machine of Lum the Mad to operate it. Push the triangular button, turn the red wheel, and pull the medium lever to activate the portal to the next level. Throughout Watcher's Keep, you can find notes written by Lum the Mad that will give you clues to other useful combinations.

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T1 Edit

  • Gems
  • Weapons
  • 80 Arrows +1
  • 40 Arrows of Piercing
  • 80 Bolts +1
  • 40 Bolts +2
  • 40 Bolts of Lighting
  • Full Plate Armor +1
  • 10 Antidotes
  • Potion of Fire Giant Strength

T2 Edit

  • Gold and Gems
  • 30 Arrows of Biting
  • 20 Sunstone Bullets +1
  • 20 Bullets +4

T3 Edit

  • 80 Bullets +1
  • 40 Bullets +2

T4 Edit

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  • 10 Potions of Healing
  • 5 Potions of Extra Healing
  • 5 Potions of Superior Healing

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Machine of Lum the MadEdit

Machine of Lum (glass) Object BG2

Machine of Lum the Mad with Carston inside the glass chamber.

Carston, a mage who explored the place with his apprentices about ten years ago, is imprisoned in the machine, which grants him eternal life, but he can't get out of it and the machine is immobile. It has nine different levers and buttons, which means there are 174 different combinations in total.

"Handwritten Notes" bearing valid combinations for the machine are hidden throughout the first four levels of Watcher's Keep.

The glass can only be broken by the Crystal Mallet.

Successful combinations
First action Second action Third action Effect
Blue Dial Green Dial Long Lever Permanent +5% magical resistance
Trianglular Button Green Dial Medium Lever Character receives the weapon Storm Star
Trianglular Button Red Dial Medium Lever Teleporter to fifth floor is activated
Square Button Short Lever Medium Lever +1 permanent Strength
Circlular Button Red Dial Long Lever +1 permanent Constitution
Square Button Blue Dial Short Lever +1 permanent Dexterity
Circlular Button Square Button Trianglular Button +1 permanent Wisdom
Circular Button Blue Dial Long Lever +1 permanent Intelligence
Red Dial Green Dial Short Lever +1 permanent Charisma

All other combinations, or reusing successful combinations, will lead to one of several effects which affect only the character interacting with the machine. These effects are:

  • Permanently lose 1 point of Intelligence or Dexterity
  • Flame Strike
  • Poisoning
  • Severe Level Drain (15 levels)
  • Petrified
  • Mazed as per the spell
  • Imprisonment
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Receive a potion
  • Gain 100,000 experience points

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