The Whistling Sword (The Whistling Sword +2 in-game) is also known by the name of Short Sword +2. In Baldur's Gate this weapon is known as the Whistling Sword, while a sword with the same looks in Baldur's II Gate is know as the Sword Short +2. When this weapon is compared to a normal short sword, it has +2 bonus to damage and THAC0, has a speed factor 2 points lower and is 1 lbs lower in weight. Only in Baldur's Gate, this weapon belongs to the small sword proficiency, which is replaced by short swords in the other games. This item appears in Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II.

In Baldurs Gate, this weapon is obtained from three named hobgoblins that inhabitat the same area as Bassilus, better known as Area SW of Beregost.

In Baldur's Gate II, this weapon can be looted from Gaelan Bayle's body after you kill him. 

In-game descriptionEdit

Short Sword +2: 'The Whistling Sword'. Amidst the plains of the Eastern Shaar there lived a small human blacksmith, whose nearly dwarven height did not do his soul justice. Though a skilled weaponsmith, his true gift was his ability to whistle a heartfelt song that could cause a grown man to cry like a newborn. Only a reclusive mage shared and enjoyed time with the diminutive man, however, as others could only see his small size as a source of amusement. Deaf to the smith's song because of their own prejudices, their ridicule slowly grew into cruel torment which eventually persuaded the light-hearted man to leave his home forever. Before he left he forged this weapon as a gift for his one friend, who also enchanted it during the making. Thus the blade sweetly whistles to its wielder when unsheathed. It was not long after that the mage also deserted the small town in disgust, taking the sword with him on his journeys.

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