Wilco is a messenger traveling through the Ulcaster area who informs the party that Baldur's Gate requests that Amn not raid its ore shipments, and Amn has the same request of Baldur's Gate.

He is a possible relative of Roger, carrying a similar message in Area South of High Hedge.

Quotes Edit

Must get through to Amn, I must! Baldur's Gate demands a stop to the raids of its merchant caravans. I deliver messages quick and true, but when last I heard, Amn was requesting the same of Baldur's Gate! Someone is certainly confused somewhere, but it's not my business to think. Must run!

Trivia Edit

  • Roger Wilco meaning "received and will comply" was also one of the first voice-over-IP client programs designed primarily for use with online multiplayer video games that was with included in original Baldur's Gate.