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Wild Surges have a chance of occuring whenever a Wild Mage casts a spell. For every spell cast by a wild mage there is a base 5% chance that the spell explodes in a Wild Surge. Certain Wild Mage specific spells modify this chance, such as Nahal's Reckless Dweomer. A Wild Surge does some completely random magical effect. A roll is made on the Wild Surge Chart; higher rolls are usually better than the lower rolls. Below is the table for the spell effects if you happen to cause a wild surge. This game mechanic was added by Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, including the wild mage class.

Number rolled uneven Effect Number rolled even Effect
1 Repulsion field centered on the caster. 2 Wild color changes upon the caster.
3 Squirrels appear around the caster. 4 The caster becomes itchy.
5 The caster glows. 6 A Fireball is centered on the caster.
7 The caster's sex is changed. 8 The caster's color changes
9 Every one in the area changes direction. 10 Explosion centered on caster.
11 Entangle spell centered on caster. 12 Slow spell centered on target.
13 Target polymorphed into a wolf. 14 Caster gains the status effect hold.
15 Caster gains the status effect hold. 16 Caster is changed into a squirrel.
17 Gold on the caster is destroyed. 18 Target weakened.
19 Sunfire spell is centered on the caster. 20 Movement rate of the target is lowered.
21 Fireball centered on the caster. 22 Caster held as per spell Hold Person.
23 Fear spell is centered on target. 24 Two more rolls are made. Both effects apply.
25 Entire area is explored. 26 Globe of Invulnerability centered on the target.
27 Silence, 15' Radius centered on caster. 28 Caster becomes dizzy.
29 Target is made invisible. 30 Pretty sparkles! No other effect.
31 Caster becomes the target of the spell. 32 Caster becomes invisible.
33 Colour Spray from caster. 34 Birds appear around the caster.
35 Fireball centered on caster. No damage done. 36 Gems are added to the inventory of the caster.
37 Combat music starts. 38 Goodberries are added to the inventory of the caster.
39 Fireball flies toward target. 40 Charges of magical items are drained. Area of effect around the target.
41 Random treasure added to the inventory of the caster. 42 Caster is combat ready (+2 THAC0 +2 Damage).
43 Teleport Field spell centered on caster. 44 Teleport Field spell centered on target.
45 Area of effect hiccups centered on target. 46 All doors in area of effect open. If there are no doors, then roll twice and use both effects.
47 Caster polymorphs into wolf. 48 Change target randomly.
49 Caster recuperates as if he rested. 50 Monsters summoned by target.
51 Start snowing if outside, otherwise roll twice more. 52 Loud noise. Target must save or be stunned.
53 Target's hit points doubled. 54 Summon demon to attack the target.
55 Spell fired but with squealing noise. 56 Spell goes off but duration is halved.
57 Strange visual effect, but the spell fizzles. 58 Projectile speed halved.
59 All weapons in the area glow. 60 No saving throws is allowed against the spell.
61 Target is held as per the Hold Person spell. 62 Detect Magic spell centered on target.
63 Roll 4 times. All effects are applied. 64 Slow spell centered on target.
65 Instead of the chosen spell, a different spell of the same level goes off. 66 Lightning Bolt spell cast at target.
67 Target's strength is raised. 68 Heal centered on target.
69 Entangle is cast upon the target. 70 Caster weakened.
71 Fireball centered on target. 72 Flesh to Stone cast on the target.
73 Spell fired as normal. Caster also recuperated as if rested. 74 Heal spell centered on caster.
75 Target becomes dizzy. 76 Sunfire centered on target (caster unaffected).
77 Target gains the status effect hold. 78 Target is blinded.
79 Target is charmed. 80 Gems are added to inventory of the target.
81 Target's movement rate is reduced. 82 Random treasure added to inventoy of the target.
83 Target polymorphed into squirrel. 84 Silence, 15' Radius centered on target.
85 Target's sex is changed. 86 Explosion, which does no harm centered on the target.
87 Stinking Cloud centered on the target. 88 Cow falls from the sky on the target.
89 Target becomes dizzy. 90 Spell has 60 foot radius at target (change projectile).
91 Target becomes itchy. 92 Caster's hit points doubled.
93 Target held. 94 Target gain the status effect hastened.
95 Destroy all gold on the target. 96 Spell casts at double effectiveness.
97 Spell cast, -4 to target's saving throw. 98 Target's color is changed.
99 Spell cast at double level. 100 Spell cast as normal.


Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal manual

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