Not to be confused with Winter Wolf Pelt. Winter Wolf Pelts is a side quest, of sorts, given by the storekeeper in the Nashkel Store when you first speak to him. He says that a white wolf has been spotted in the Cloudpeak ice fields to the south, and promises "good money" for its pelt.

He pays 500 Goldpieces per pelt, while the other merchants who will buy them (Feldepost's Inn, Thalantyr the Conjurer at High Hedge) pay only 250 Goldpieces.

Ajantis may leave your party in disgust the moment that a winter wolf pelt is sold. Probably because hunting/poaching is illegal under some circumstances. The probability of him leaving may depend upon the party's current Reputation. His objections can be avoided by leaving him outside the store if you wish to sell pelts.

This course we take is beyond all tenets of decency.

— Ajantis Ilvastarr


  • Triggered By: Speaking to the storekeeper in Nashkel
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Winter Wolf Pelts
  • Entry Title: Winter Wolf Pelts
  • Quest Begins:
    In Nashkel I found a merchant eager to buy winter wolf pelts.