Wisdom is one of the six character abilities. It's very important for clerics and druids, as a high wisdom grants extra spell slots per level. They also have a higher minimal number for this character ability. Rangers and paladins also have high amount of wisdom as a minimal requirement, but do not gain any bonus spells from having a high wisdom - their spell slots are determined solely by their level.

Although having high wisdom is not as important for wizards, it is still useful for getting the best results from Wish and Limited Wish.

The bonus spells are cumulative, a cleric with 15 wisdom has two level 1 spellslots and one level 2 spellslot as a bonus for example. For non-caster classes, intelligence and wisdom only adds a bonus to lore bonus, so it's wiser to spend points on the other character abilities when creating a character.

Though the original manuals suggest otherwise, it is worth noting that magic defence adjustment and spell failure % were not implemented in the games. So wisdom does not affect saving throws or a characters spell failure %.

Scores tableEdit

Ability score

Bonus spells

(Cleric, Druid)

Lore Bonus
1-6 0 -20
7-9 0 -10
10-12 0 0
13 1st 0
14 1st 0
15 2nd +3
16 2nd +5
17 3rd +7
18 4th +10
19 1st, 4th +12
20 2nd, 4th +15
21 3rd, 5th +20
22 4th, 5th +25
23 5th, 5th +30
24 6th, 6th +35
25 6th, 7th +40

Permanent wisdom boostsEdit

Tomes of Understanding, three in total in Baldur's Gate (game) and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

  • One can be found in Durlag's Tower.
  • Another one can be found in the Underground passages below Candlekeep
  • One can be found during the quest to remove the poison from your body which was injected by Marek, but it's required in to complete the quest. However you can kill the priestess you are meant to give it to without consequence.
  • In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, one point of wisdom is gained when offering the last Tear of Bhaal in Hell.
  • Machine of Lum the Mad in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal
  • The Star card from The Deck of Many Things: Grants +1 to your wisdom if you are a Cleric, Druid, Fighter/Cleric, Cleric/Thief, Fighter/Druid or Cleric/Ranger.

Wisdom altering itemsEdit

Temporary wisdom altering itemsEdit

Wisdom altering spellsEdit

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