Bala's Axe, better known by the name of Wizard Slayer (Bala's Axe, Wizard Slayer in-game), is an axe made especially for killing wizards. It has all statistics of an normal battle axe, but this axe can cast Miscast Magic once a day if the target is hit. It can be avoided at -2 for save vs. spells. The effect of the spell gives the creature a 20% chance to successfully cast spells. Because wizards depend on their magic skill for survival and this axe essentially robs it from them, it's an effective way to kill them. This weapon is found in a fountain at the third floor of Durlag's Tower. This axe can be used by fighters, paladins, rangers and bards. To wield this axe, the wielder needs 10 points in Strength.

This weapon makes an appearance in
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This icon stands for Tales of the Sword Coast content of classic Baldur's Gate
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Bala's Axe -Wizard Slayer: Bala was once a foul-tempered prince of a gully dwarf clan, which was enslaved by a cruel elven mage in Thesk. Though Bala managed to escape the more cowardly traits of his race he was even more filthy and obnoxious than the average gully dwarf. Sickened of his enslavement, Bala crept into the mage's lair and cracked the elf's skull open. Although rumor has it that it was the dwarf's stench that overcame the mage, it was, in fact, his enchanted axe that dispelled the elf's magical defense. It is obvious from poor craftmanship that Bala crafted the axe. The mystery lies in where its power originates. After a lenghty career of mage-slaying, Bala died, never having revealed his secret to those who were willing to risk a lice infestation by approaching him. Some say that the axe was powered by Bala's intense hatred of wizards. The axe gives the owner the ability to dispel magic once a day.