AR0900BG1worldmap Wyrm's Crossing is one of the areas from the World Map.

Wyrm's Crossing is the only way to enter Baldur's Gate by land. When the player comes here before Chapter 5, the drawbridge is raised, with a Flaming Fist soldier explaining that the disturbances down south has the dukes of Baldur's Gate worried. Quayle will not be there either. In Chapter 5, the guard instead inquires of the party if they are the ones everyone is talking about, and requests they investigate the Seven Suns trading company in Baldur's Gate Southwest. Choose the "Nymph's" dialog option and he refers the party to his commander, Scar.

  • Tel-anon, a Harper, appears at the very southwest corner of the bridge if the party's Reputation is lower than 4. He can be convinced that the party will not fight him. It is against his principles to attack the defenseless, so he goes away.
  • Tenya is in front of her house, north end of the east side of the river. She is the 'evil witch' the farmers in the Fishing Village were complaining of. She will not explain her side of the situation willingly, though, and if the player character presses her, she will go hostile. The party will have to reduce Tenya's HP to continue the quest;[1] the only way to be sure of attacking her without killing her is to unequip a single weapon slot for each attacking party member and use the Fist icon to attack; reducing her HP to zero this way renders her unconscious.[1][2]
  • Quayle, Gnome Cleric / Illusionist, 485, 800, by the city gate. Hard to miss him, as there are only two people in the bridge area and one of them is a Flaming Fist guard.
  • Tomlin, a smuggler. In Chapter 7 he will approach you and tell you of your criminal status. He can smuggle you across the bridge for 100gp. There is no one to stop you on the bridge though so his service is worthless.

Optional: an extra area, easily missed, on the west side of the river: Farmlands.

Rest here may be undisturbed.


  • Leaving the area from the north leads to different areas, depending on whether you leave on the east side of the river or the west.

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