Wyverns are large winged reptiles with scaley, barbed tails. They are sometimes confused with dragons due to their similarities in both appearance and behavior. However, these reptiles do not have a breathe attack and are much smaller than dragons. They often inhabit heavily wooded regions, particularly the area Cloakwood Wyverns in Baldur's Gate. Otherwise, they are often seen during waylaid encounters when traveling between forests, including Cloakwood and the Wood of Sharp Teeth.

Wyverns have two melee attacks; a high damage crushing blow (its mouth and claws) and a low damage piercing strike (its tail). The downside of the piercing attack would be, similar to most inhabitants of the wood, that it's poisonous. Even disregarding this, they make fearsome opponents, as they are one of the toughest mobs in the game. As their saving throws are relatively high, it's generally suggested to make use of missile weapons, while using a high-AC decoy that has some Antidotes handy.

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Coran the Wyvern HunterEdit

In Baldur's Gate, after speaking with the potential companion Coran in the First Cloakwood area, it's possible to turn in a Wyvern Head to the Beregost authorities for a pretty penny - 2,000Goldpieces. Depending on the version and the patch of the game, you may or may not need a head from the specific Wyverns that reside within the Wyvern's Cave in the Fourth Cloakwood area as the quest intends. Additionally, you may or may not need to include Coran at all - merely clearing the cave and delivering a head may be enough to yield the reward.

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