Zakee's Tavern




Zakee Rafeha


Inn, Store

Zakee's Tavern is the one and only tavern in Amkethran. It is owned by Zakee Rafeha.

In Throne of Bhaal, as soon as you arrive in the tavern you will be approached by Marlowe. He will ask you to come to his home, which starts the Rescue Marlowe's Daughter quest. Zakee, the owner, will sell you drinks and accommodation in the tavern. He also has his own shop, most notably selling the Silver Ioun Stone. After killing Abazigal and Sendai, you will be able to gain information off Zakee on how to get into Balthazar's monastery. There are also a couple of mercenaries and a mage in the tavern who are harmless until you return after killing Abazigal and Sendai.

In Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition you can find Hexxat here.

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