Zhurlong is a thief who can be found in the Burning Wizard pub in Beregost .

After investing in an expensive pair of boots to enhance his thieving abilities, he was mugged by hobgoblins in south of Beregost. Every time you speak to him he will pick pocket 25 gold pieces from you. He does this by pointing behind you and saying the name of a famous adventurer. The first time he pickpockets you, he takes 50 gp. Each time after that it's 25 gp until his boots are returned when it gives it back. However, upon talking to him more he will steal 20 gp more.

If your Reaction is -3 or lower when you first speak to him, he will not tell you about his missing boots. Instead, he will just pickpocket you for 35 gp and disappear permanently.

You can kill Zhurlong without losing Reputation.


Zhurlong's BootsEdit


  • "I wish I had my old tobacco pipe."

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