Zhurlong is a thief who can be found in the Burning Wizard pub in Beregost.

Addressed by Gorion's Ward, it depends on Zhurlong's reaction to the party if he will only steal gold from them and then leave the inn, or if he will tell them the story of his missing boots, that were stolen by hobgoblins in the badlands – and then steal some coins.

  • 7 or below: "Hey, what's coming through that door over there..." (35Goldpieces)
  • Between 8 and 14: "Hey, isn't that Kelddath Ormlyr?" (25Goldpieces)
  • 15 and higher: "Oh, look! It's Drizzt Do'Urden!" (15Goldpieces)

In the latter two cases, the quest Zhurlong's Missing Boots is added to the journal.

Speaking again to him without the boots results in – "Hey... that's Thalantyr the Conjurer over there, isn't it?" – losing a further 30Goldpieces. Though he will give all those coins back when the boots are returned to him – as long as it wasn't more than 1,000,000Goldpieces.

If he's talked to after having been rewarded … well, he's a thief, you know? "What have you got in your pack today?" – seems to be at least 20 more gold …

Side questsEdit


  • You can kill Zhurlong without losing reputation.