Zordral is a witch hating mage that can be met in one Carnival area tents where he prepares for executing Bentha.

Zordral's WitchhuntEdit

Zordral's Witchhunt

Zordral and his victim.

Inside the tent you will find Zordral and his soon to be victim Bentha. Choosing dialog options 1, 1 will taunt him into attacking your party first. Zordral fights primarily with magic, and knows many spells. Spells he may cast include Mirror Image, Sleep, Blindness, Summon Monster I, and Acid Arrow.

Once Zordral is dead, talk to Bentha. You can ask for a trinket or say that good deed is reward enough. This yields you an Antidote or Potion of Heroism respectively.

If you fail to save Bentha, you can loot both potions from her body, as well as a Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance and other minor loot.